TRM Token Payment Model

In this article we will introduce the TRM token payment model and its pricing, bonuses and Gas Rate. We will also go over a few examples. 




Under the TRM token model, users will be required to purchase TRM directly from Tradeium at a fixed price. These tokens will then be used as the currency within Tradeium to run their paid trading bots. All TRM sales are non-refundable.


A simple way of looking at TRM and how it is used within Tradeium is to look at TRM as “fuel”. The paid bots require TRM fuel at a specified Gas Rate at each rebalance in order to operate.


To start, we will only charge for Marginbot, which is planned for release in early August, 2020. We plan to charge for Trendbot at a future date while keeping HODL completely free, always. 




The cost for each TRM token is $0.10, which will be available in 3 packages. Each of these vary in how many TRM they contain. Larger purchase bonuses are provided for packages with more TRM.





Average  TRM cost







550                       (10% bonus)




2300                      (15% bonus)



Rebate Bonuses


In addition to the Purchase Bonus when purchasing larger packages of TRM, users will receive an additional 30% extra TRM if their Binance accounts qualify for the Binance Broker Program Rebate.


In May 2020, Tradeium joined the Binance Broker Rebate Program. This program allows Tradeium to receive a rebate on the trades our bots make on Binance. This program effectively allows Binance to pay for part of your bill. 


In order for your account to qualify for the Binance Broker Program, the following two conditions must be met:

  1. Your Binance account must be created after May 20th, 2020
  2. Your Binance account must be created without a referral link. 


If your Binance account qualifies for Rebate




Rebate Bonus 

Total TRM

Average TRM Cost




















Binance provided Tradeium with a unique brokerID that we tag your orders with. If your account qualifies for the rebate, then Binance automatically credits us with the rebate. 


How To Pay


Payments are made simple with Coinbase commerce. 


Step 1: 

After you select "Buy" on the desired package on Tradeium, you will see the page below. Simply Select the preferred currency.

Step 2:

Coinbase will automatically calculate the amount of the selected currency to send, as well as the address to send it to. You will have an hour to submit payment. 

Step 3: (Optional)

Click the QR code and scan it with your cryptocurrency wallet to auto-fill Amount and Address.

  • Prices shown in the steps above are subject to change and do not reflect the planned pricing.
  • You DO NOT need a coinbase wallet to submit payment. You can send payments from any wallet.


Gas Rate


The Gas Rate is the amount of TRM the bots take at each rebalance, which is proportional to the size of your account - just like the size of a vehicle may require more gas.


To start off, we will begin with a Gas Rate of 0.80TRM / $1000 managed by Marginbot at each rebalance. 


Since there are 4 rebalances per day and approximately 30 days in a month, there will be a total of 120 rebalances in a month. If a user maintains an average balance of $1000 throughout the month, then:


Monthly TRM rate = Rebalances x Gas Rate 

                                  = 120 Rebalances x 0.80TRM / Rebalance

                                  =  96 TRM

Therefore the user will burn through 96TRM monthly.




Example 1)

Suppose John has $10,000 in Marginbot and his account qualifies for the Binance Broker Program. He buys the Gold package for $200 and receives 2300 TRM.


Total TRM: 2300 TRM (with purchase bonus) + 690 TRM (rebate bonus) = 2990 TRM ($0.067/ea)


Monthly TRM cost = $10,000 x 0.8TRM/$1000 x 120 rebalances monthly = 960 TRM 


Monthly USD cost = 960 TRM x average $0.067ea = $64.32


Therefore, John pays $64.32/10000 * 100% = 0.64%/mo


Example 2) 

Mitchell has $5500. Over the course of the month his account doubled, so his average account balance upon rebalance is $8,250.


His account doesn’t qualify for the Binance rebate program, and instead of buying large quantities of TRM at once, he purchased several $10 packages. His average cost of TRM is therefore $0.10.


Total Monthly TRM = $8250 x 0.80 TRM/$1000 rebalance x 120 rebalances = 792 TRM


Monthly USD cost = 792 x $0.10 = $79.2


Therefore, Mitchell pays $79.2/$8250 * 100%  = 0.96%/mo