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About Tradeium

Our mission is to help you achieve your financial goals with cryptocurrency. We offer advanced trading bots with proven strategies for your Binance account. Put the frustration of trading aside and let Tradeium help you manage your account like a professional.



Trading Bots

Aims to outperform the market with lower risk by catching the largest price trends in cryptocurrency. Tradeium allows you to select a custom portfolio of your favourite coins, or a pre-selected one. TrendBot then trades between the coins in your portfolio with a dual-momentum trading system every 6 hours. The largest positions are applied to coins with the strongest uptrends, while coins in downtrends are ignored.
Currently FREE.

Applies a similar trading system to TrendBot, but with the power of margin/leverage and more advanced risk management systems. Increased risk adjusted returns are made possible by applying margin to Trendbots strategy during periods of time when it significantly outperforms the market, while reducing position sizes during other periods.

HODL was designed for those who want to passively average the returns of a selection of coins, at no cost. Just select the coins you want as part of your portfolio, and HODL will rebalance equally every 6 hours so you can gain an overall exposure to your favorite coins, or a default selection.
Always FREE.


Javis (Jay-vis) Lockhart

Javis began developing trading systems for cryptocurrency in 2017 during his time at the University of Waterloo, studying Physics and Mathematics. After offering his trading systems to friends and family, he opened his services to the public in late 2019 through

Getting Started

Step 1: Create an Account with Tradeium


Verify email

Step 2: Set up API keys in 'Settings'

Copy API keys from Binance

Provide keys in your Tradeium account

Step 3: Let IndexBot and TrendBot Trade For You

Select a custom portfolio or Tradeium's default portfolio

Turn 'ON' the bots and let it trade for you 24/7!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of IndexBot and TrendBot?
TrendBot main goal is to beat the average returns of a portfolio of coins. HODL's goal is to average the returns of a portfolio of coins.
Are there fees for IndexBot or TrendBot?
HODL is free and always will be. Currently, TrendBot is free, but a management and or performance fee may apply in the future.
Why offer both IndexBot and TrendBot?
Offering HODL in addition to TrendBot allows the user to adjust the amount of their account each bot trades according to bot performance. For example, if TrendBot has a period of underperformance, the user can easily allow IndexBot to trade a higher percentage of their account.
What type of returns can I expect?
Although we believe from our historical trades and strict testing criteria that TrendBot has positive expectancy, we cannot guarantee future returns or give an estimate of what clients can expect. Investing in cryptocurrency is always risky. The performance of IndexBot and TrendBot heavily rely on the overall market conditions.
Can Tradeium withdraw funds from client’s accounts?
No. The API keys provided by clients do not have permission to withdraw funds.
What exchanges does Tradeium support?
Tradeium supports the Binance exchange. There are plans to include more.

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