Bot Settings | Spot and Margin

Once you've successfully connected your Binance account to Tradeium via API keys, you will use the Portfolio page to manage your trading bots. 


Binance offers a variety of different types of accounts including Spot, Margin, Futures, and a few others. Tradeium offers bots specifically made for your Spot and Margin trading accounts. 


Step 1: Spot and Margin Account Allocations


The first step is deciding what proportion of your funds you want to allocate to your Spot Account and Margin Account. Simply move the sliders between 0% to 100% as you desire. 


 On the far right side, you can view the estimated balance of each account, measured in its equivalent value in USDT. The next time the bot runs (either scheduled or manually rebalanced), the appropriate funds will be traded between each account to establish the desired allocations. 


Step 2: Varying Bot Allocations


To display the bots operating in each account, simply click the Spot Account or Margin Account tabs, as indicated in the image below.



Under the Spot Account, you will be able to adjust the allocations to Trendbot and HODL using the sliders. These sliders function very similarly to the Spot Account and Margin Account sliders. Again, there will be an estimated equivalent USDT value for each bot allocation. 


Since Marginbot is the only bot within the Margin Account, no sliders are required. All funds in this account will be allocated directly to Marginbot.


Step 3: Specific Bot Settings


The bot tabs drop down to reveal more options, much like the Spot Account and Margin Account tabs do. 


Trendbot Settings


Once the Trendbot tab is selected, the dropdown menu will give the option to choose a Portfolio and adjust its Weighting.


Portfolio Options:


  • Custom: Allows you to select any portfolio of coins you want. You can select “+ ADD MORE COINS” at the bottom to access a selection of dozens more coins offered on Binance. 
  • Nomics: Every Saturday we update this portfolio of 5-10 coins, based on projections sourced from a third party named Nomics ( 


Weighting Options:


  • we no longer have weighting options. It is fixed at volume weighted, meaning coins with larger volume will be weighted more significantly.


HODL Settings


The HODL portfolio has similar settings, but executes a different strategy. 


Marginbot Settings


Under Marginbot you will see Portfolio settings, which are the same as the options for Spot Bots.

Margin Limit:


Marginbot has an option to limit the amount of margin that the bot can apply to your account, called Margin Limit. Below are a few examples. 


  • Margin Limit = 1.0x, this is very similar to Trendbot. No margin will be applied at any time. 


  • Margin Limit = 0.50x, 50% of your account will be placed in stablecoins while the other 50% will be traded based on Marginbots strategy. No margin will be applied. 


  • Margin Limit = 2.0x, this allows Marginbot to borrow up to 100% of the equity in your Margin Account. If you have 1BTC in your Margin Account, Marginbot may borrow up to 1BTC based on its advanced strategy, for a total position of 2 BTC. Marginbot does not blindly apply the maximum margin level all the time; it has a risk-management system which adjusts margin based on overall market conditions. 


Step 4: Turn Bot ON and Rebalance



Once you are satisfied with your bot settings, simply turn the switch to the ON position as indicated in the screenshot above. 


The bots will automatically execute within 6hrs, and every 6hrs thereafter. Alternatively, you can click “Manual Rebalance” so that the bot can perform right away