Getting Setup with dTRM



dTRM is a discount token given to active users as a reward for participating in Tradeium services. Holding (voluntarily staking) dTRM in your Metamask wallet gives you up to 50% off performance fees. 


One dTRM token gives you 50% off performance fees on a balance of 0.001 BTC. If you have a balance value of 1.000 BTC, you need 1000 dTRM to get the full 50% discount on performance fees. 


The primary criteria for which dTRM is distributed is based on how much TRM (in-house credit used to pay for fees) you spend. The more TRM you spend, the more dTRM you will get at the next distribution. 


Distributions are planned once every 3 months but subject to change. 



To get started, you must install Metamask as a browser extension from


Then go to Tradeium > Wallet > Connect Wallet



Once your wallet is registered you will be considered for the next dTRM distribution.


Add Custom Token


To see the dTRM tokens after they are submitted to your wallet, you must add a custom token


Go to Metamask > Add Token > Custom Token > Paste specifications 



Token Contract Address: 0xcef1918cb52acc070d4e4fcaadb81f724b5cbdb7

Token Symbol: dTRM

Decimals of Precision: 18


After this, you should see dTRM listed in your Assets, as you can see in the first screenshot above.


If you have any questions or issues, please email me at