Tradeium Fee Summary

In this article we will introduce the TRM token payment model and how it is used to pay management and performance fees, as well as how to purchase TRM.


 Under the TRM token model, users will be required to purchase TRM directly from Tradeium at a fixed price of $0.10/TRM. These tokens will then be used as the currency within Tradeium to pay any applicable fees. All TRM sales are non-refundable.

Management Fees

Management fees are a flat fee taken at each rebalance, based on the users balance.

Rebate accounts pay 0% management fees. Instead, Binance gives Tradeium a share of their trading costs, which is used to eliminate management fees. In order for your account to qualify for the Binance Broker Program, the following two conditions must be met:

  1. Your account must be created after May 20th, 2020
  2. Your account must be created without a referral link. 

Non-rebate users pay a management fee of 0.60%/mo, assuming continual use. This is taken as 0.50TRM ($0.05) per $1000 managed by Tradeium, at each rebalance. There are approximately 120 scheduled rebalances in a month.


For example, if a non-rebate user has a $5,000 balance then their management fees are

Each rebalance = 0.50 TRM*balance/ $1000 =  0.50*5000/1000 TRM = 2.50 TRM (equivalent to $0.25)

Monthly =  rebalance fee x 120rebalances = 2.50 x 120 TRM = 300TRM (equivalent to $30)


Performance Fees

Performance fees are fees based on the performance of a users portfolio. Tradeium only charges performance fees on rebalances where new all time highs are made, as indicated on their chart found on their Dashboards. 

For example, if a user has $10,000 and at the end of the rebalance they made 5% from the previous all time high (from the chart), then $500 ($10,000 x 0.05) was made in reaching that all time high. If a performance fee of 10% is applied then their account will be charged $50 ($500 x 0.10) worth of TRM at the end of the rebalance. At the current rate of $0.10/TRM, this would be 500 TRM ($50/$0.10). 

If the user enters a negative TRM balance, they will have 3 days to purchase more TRM or their bot will be shut off. 

Please read the blog on performances fees at to learn more.


How To Pay 

Payments are made simple with Coinbase commerce. 

Step 1: 

After you select "Buy" on the desired package on Tradeium, you will see the page below. Simply Select the preferred currency.

Step 2:

Coinbase will automatically calculate the amount of the selected currency to send, as well as the address to send it to. You will have an hour to submit payment. 

Step 3: (Optional)

Click the QR code and scan it with your cryptocurrency wallet to auto-fill Amount and Address.

  • You DO NOT need a coinbase wallet to submit payment. You can send payments from any wallet.