Tradeium Update

There are 4 main updates, which include:

  1. Unlimited Rebalances, paid
  2. Volume Weighted Mandatory (Equal not an option)
  3. Leveraged Tokens, paid
  4. More Coin Options


Unlimited Rebalances


Trendbot and Marginbot have Scheduled Rebalances every 6 hours, with the option to Manually Rebalance once between every Scheduled Rebalance. 


With this update, users will have Unlimited Rebalances between each Scheduled Rebalance. But each will cost 0.5TRM/$1000 plus the regular TRM charge. 


If you are just using Trendbot (still free), then it will cost 0.5TRM for every $1000 you have managed by the bot. If you are using Marginbot as well, it will charge the regular rate plus the Manual Rebalance fee of 0.5 TRM / $1000.



Example 1) If you have $5000 in Trendbot and $0 in Marginbot then a Manual Rebalance will cost:


0.5TRM x ($5000/$1000) = 0.5TRM x 5 = 2.5 TRM ($0.137 to $0.250)


Example 2) If you have $5000 in Marginbot (with nothing borrowed)  which currently costs 0.8 TRM / $1000 then a Manual Rebalance will cost: 


TRM Rate = Scheduled Marginbot + Manual Rebalance Fee =  0.8TRM/$1000 + 0.5TRM/$1000  = 1.3 TRM / $1000


1.3 TRM / $1000 = 1.3 TRM x ($5000/$1000) = 1.3 TRM x 5 = 6.5 TRM ($0.357 to $0.65)


Volume Weighted Mandatory


Previously users had the option between Equal weighted and Market Cap weighted. This is now replaced with Volume Weighted. This means that if two coins have similar buy signals, the coin with a larger average volume will have a slightly higher position. 


The purpose of this is to reduce the positions in coins with less volume on Binance. Reducing options also reduces confusion.


Leveraged Tokens


Leveraged tokens on Binance are available for Spot Accounts and give users the ability to make more when BTC is going up (BTCUP), and profit when BTC goes down (BTCDOWN). There are also similar tokens for XRP, LINK, ADA, DOT, ETH, and more. 


To learn more about leveraged tokens check out Binance Leveraged Tokens


To start, we will only offer BTCUP and BTCDOWN and will cost 0.5TRM/$1000 managed by Trendbot regardless if you select one or more. 


Trendbot applies an advanced strategy to determine positions for these coins. When there are strong uptrends, Trendbot will apply up to 25% into BTCUP. When markets are in downtrends, Trendbot will apply up to 25% into BTCDOWN. 


In order to use these coins, you MUST first purchase the coins directly on Binance. You will be prompted with a disclaimer that you must agree to before Tradeium is able to make trades via the API keys. 

Once you agreed to the Disclaimer on Binance, go to Tradeium > Settings > Update Status and make sure there is a checkmark beside “Leverage Coins”


More Coin Options


There will be about 26 coins added and 9 coins removed. We looked at the average volume of each coin in the USDT and BTC markets on Binance, and selected the top ~60 coins. The 9 coins to be removed did not make this threshold.



The purpose of this is to make sure Tradeium users have access to the most tradable coins on Binance so Trendbot and Marginbot can perform their best.