Getting Started with Marginbot

There are 5 steps to get started with Marginbot

  1. Open Margin Account on Binance
  2. Enable Margin in Binance API Settings
  3. Update Status in Tradeium for Margin Account
  4. Complete Margin Application
  5. Buy TRM
  6. Run Marginbot


Below we will go over each step.


  1. Open Binance Margin Account


In your Binance account, in the top right go to: Wallets > Margin Account


  1. Enable Margin in Binance API Settings


Go to Binance > API Management


Make sure “Enable Margin” and “Enable Spot & Margin Trading” is selected. 


Click “Edit restrictions” to make the appropriate changes.



  1. Update Status in Tradeium


If you completed steps 1 and 2 after submitting your API keys to Tradeium, you will need to Update Status. 


Go to: Tradeium > Settings > API Keys > Update Status


Make sure there are check marks beside Margin Wallet (from step 1) and Margin Trading (from step 2).


You may have to wait up to an hour for Margin Enabled to reflect in your API keys. If a checkmark does not show beside Enable Margin, try to Update Status again in an hour. 


  1. Complete Margin Application


Go to Tradeium > Portfolio and click Apply.


Fill out the application and wait up to a few days for a response.



  1. Purchase TRM


Go to Tradeium > TRM > Payment, and select a package. 

Complete the crypto transfer. If withdrawing from Binance, make sure to add slightly more to cover fees.

Read to learn more about TRM and the payment process.


  1. Run Bot


Go to Tradeium > Portfolio > Margin Account


Move the Margin Account Slider, and other settings within Marginbot how you wish.

See to learn more about the Portfolio page settings